“Faneromeni’s” Engine Compatrment

The Mpekatoros brothers expertly reconditioned the existing Kelvin engine.

When I bought “Faneromeni” her engine looked, to my eyes, terrible. I was under the impression that I would have to replace it with a new engine. In fact, I had decided to do so.

Nevertheless, after I purchased the boat, I invited the mechanic Mr. Antonis Mpekatoros, in whom I had great confidence since we had a long professional relationship, to come to the boat so that we could discuss the new engine (brand, type, horsepower). He told me: “Mr. Niko are you in your right mind to throw away such an engine and replace it with what will surely prove to be an inferior one? This engine is jewel. After a good service this engine will be fine. Such engines are not being made anymore.”

So after this I changed my mind and decided to keep the Kelvin. Mr. Mpekatoros proceeded with the necessary reconditioning tasks.



“Faneromeni’s” engine compartment after the removal of the bridge. The Kelvin engine before her reconditioning.

Perama, Piraeus, April 1987.

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)