Tigraki (Little Tiger)

One day in the fall of 2012 Rozina while entering the garden of our complex saw a small kitten, about a few months old. She called me and said: “Come and see right now…” I went outside where I saw the small kitten. She was so sweet and friendly and she climbed all over us without the slightest fear or hesitation.

I decided to keep her. However there was a big problem. How was the kitten to co-exist with the three “beasts”: Naxos, Pissa and Mavrouka? All three chase cats with great diligence. It took a lot of patience and perseverance but slowly, ever so slowly, Tigraki was accepted. At the beginning she came into physical contact only with Pissa and that only when I was present. Pissa reluctantly tolerated Tigraki’s proximity. I think that a big contributor to this was the fact that the kitten was completely fearless and exhibited not the slightest aggression. Slowly and in stages she came into physical contact with Naxos as well. Since Naxos, the leader of the dog pack, accepted her Mavrouka also did so. Thusly Tigraki became a member of our quadruped family.

The winter of 2012 was peaceful. When the dogs were taken for their regular stroll Tigraki followed them for the complete stroll and then returned to the house with them completely satisfied with herself, I suppose because she was now an accepted member of the pack. All this was very well but when the spring came and the time for “Faneromeni’s” summer cruise approached I was not sure whether to take her on the cruise together with the dogs. Finally, after a lot of hesitation and many doubts, I decided to take her. Despite my fears she smoothly adapted to life onboard and I think everyone had a good time during the summer cruise.

Our Tigraki looks out from the “Faneromeni’s” cabin port in a characteristic pose.

Piso Livadhi, Paros Island, June 2013
(Archive of Nikos Riginos)


Tigraki is taking a nap on the skipper’s bathing suit and hat.

Porto Heli, September 2013
(Archive of Nikos Riginos)