Drs Vasilis Riginos & Alice Swift RiginosMy brother Vasilis Riginos and his wife Alice Swift Riginos undertook the difficult task of translating this website from Greek into English. When I first told them of my intention to set up a new version in English, they immediately volunteered to prepare it for me. My initial response, however, was to refuse their offer because I knew that it would not be an easy job and that it would be very time consuming. Vasilis and Aliki insisted emphatically, and in the end I gave in and agreed. The difficulties in the translation of all the nautical terminology from Greek to English were many, and it was often difficult to arrive at the correct sense of expressions. Without their help the project would not have reached completion. I thank them for their patience and persistence during the long months of intense and daily collaboration and correspondence necessary to complete the English language website just as I wished.

Nikos E. Riginos
February 2010

Vana Dritsa 
From the very beginning, a decisive role was played by Vana Dritsa in the creation of the original “Faneromeni” website in Greek which was completed in June of 2009. As early as 2004 Vana and I began to write the account we called “The Story” so that I would have the written record of “Faneromeni’s” history. It took us several months to complete the account, and all the while I entertained the possibility that the result would be worth publishing. But this thought was only in the back of my mind.

Time passed, other priorities came and went. In 2008 I finally decided to continue the story of “Faneromeni” and to crate a website for her. Accordingly, Vana and I together made a number of improvements to the original text and then advanced to the “Reconstruction” chapter. Other chapters and links followed. At last, in June 2009, after an intense surge of activity, the Greek website went online. Since then it has been constantly corrected, augmented, and improved.

Nikos E. Riginos
Spring 2009

Sofia G. Kastrinaki 
Once the original version of the”Faneromeni” website was complete, it occurred to me that the story itself was incomplete as it did not include her seventh and present owner. To write about myself, however, was difficult, and as a result I kept procrastinating. Meanwhile my friends visited the website and many also noticed this gap. Quite a few even sent me e-mails to point this out. And then my brother Vasilis, while engaged in translating the site from Greek into English, insisted repeatedly that it was only appropriate to conclude with something about myself.

At this point I mentioned to several friends how difficult I found it to compose a word or two about myself. A number of friends volunteered to compose something suitable, but still the issue was not settled.

Then one day I received an e-mail from an old friend, Sofia G. Kastrinaki. On the subject line, the e-mail read: About Nikos. To my great surprise, upon opening the e-mail I found the attachment which is now the text of the Nikos E. Riginos link on the “Faneromei” website.

Sofia’s words were very moving, and I thank her very much.

Nikos E. Riginos
Spring 2010