Trips and short stories

Trips with “Faneromeni” & Short stories

The trips with “Faneromeni” began in 1987 and, I am glad to report, continue to this day.

Of course it would not be possible to narrate all these trips—and even if it were possible, the reader would likely find it tedious to read all the details.

Instead, I decided to select excerpts only from the trips that would interest those people who like sea stories. Also, in the same chapters I have included certain Short stories that, in my opinion, add to the trip description.

1. Excursion with the insurance agents (March 1987)

2. Difficult approach to the Corinth Canal (August 1989)

3. Epiphany (January 1990)

4. George Mytilineos (May 1991)

5. Troubles between Lesvos, Skyros, Skopelos, and Alonnisos (July 1994)

6. Encounters in Kastelorizo (August 1997)

7. Black Sea (May 1998) (Chapters A, B, and C)

8. Chinitsa (September 2000)

9. Dalmatian Coast (June 2007) (Chapters A, B, C, and D)