Naxos is of mixed-breed, very intelligent, swift of foot, a high jumper, and an accomplished swimmer.

I found him on Easter of 1998 on the island of Naxos, after which he was named, when he was three - four months old. He immediately adopted me.

After that, he came on all of “Faneromeni’s” cruises and continues to travel with me today.

Naxos’ mentor was Argos who indoctrinated him to the nautical arts.


Naxos in the S/Y Thetis, the sailboat of my brother, Vasilis.

Spetses Island, September 1999.

(Courtesy of Vasilis E. Riginos)



Naxos swimming in the turquoise-green waters of the Ionian island of Kastos.

Summer 2007.

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)



Naxos in “Faneromeni’s” gunwale. Finikas, Syros,

September 2006.

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)



Naxos at dusk in the gulf of Pagania, Thesprotia, in Epirus.

July 2007.

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)



Naxos diving from “Faneromeni’s” dinghy. In his company are Stefanos and Marina Zachariou. Also in the group are Mavrouka and Pissa, the latest additions to my canine family.

Ingilizi Limani, Turkey, August 2006.

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)