Elias and Kalliopi Veloudis

Elias Veloudis from the island of Angistri undertook the cutting and the stitching of the sails.

One of the last traditional surviving sailmakers in Greece, he worked with enthusiasm and dedication. With the help of his wife, Kalliopi Veloudis, he made all of “Faneromeni’s” sails: the mainsail, the mizzen, the main jib, and the flying jib.


Original plan by Costas Damianides.

Modified plan by Elinda Dallas.

I want to mention here one detail to illustrate mastro-Elias’ professionalism and dedication.

When I brought him the fabric from Scotland (from the house of Francis Webster, as noted above), mastro-Elias first cut it into proper sections and then washed it. He did so in order to prevent any subsequent shrinking when sea spray would wet the finished sails.

The final sails were of such high quality that even today, after the use of so many years (they are, of course, properly maintained), the sails are still in excellent condition.

Elias was a very nice and pleasant man. I was very fond of him and Mrs. Kalliopi. I was very sad to learn of his death a few years after making the sails.