Yiannis Kakouris


At the bow of “Faneromeni,” Yiannis Kakouris, her sixth owner, with his wife, Maria. Poros island, just before I purchased the caïque.

March 1987.  

(Archive of Nikos E. Riginos)


Yiannis Kakouris was the sixth owner from whom I bought the caïque in March of 1987.

Captain Yiannis is another old salt and very good family man. His father and all his relatives are sea people. They have owned many caïques, most of them the perama style.

Yiannis had a career in the merchant marine, but when I met him he was conducting day-trips from the island of Poros, his native island. He had bought “Faneromeni” planning to convert her into a day-tripper. But after he already owned her, he realized that “Faneromeni” was too small for his plans in the tourist trade. And so he sold her to me. Afterwards he bought another much larger and very beautiful perama from the island of Alonisos that was being used as a cargo ship. He converted her into a day-tripper, but kept her name Two Bothers. She is still active today in the tourist trade.

I have met all of captain Yiannis’ family, and since that time we have been very friendly.