Name Choice

Fanouris Vasiliou, who commissioned the construction of the caïque in 1945 and was the first owner, named her “Faneromeni.” Although she changed owners several times in the following years, all of them kept her original name.

Her sixth owner, however,Yiannis Kakouris, from whom I bought her, had changed her name to YIANNIS-K.

So when the boat became mine, I naturally wanted to give her another name.

There were many discussions over a long time with my friends about the question of her name.

Many ideas were floated but no decision was taken.

Many dictionaries were consulted to find suitable ancient names, but all in vain.

One name seemed too ancient, another too bombastic, or too common, or even too silly, etc.

During one of these discussions I had a flash (as young people say) and finally the name was very clearly revealed to me: “Fellows,” I said, “it is Faneromeni.” (The English equivalent of “Faneromeni” - “Φανερωμένη” is “She who was revealed” and it is a common adjective among the Greek Orthodox for the Virgin Mary).

Everyone bowed to this revelation and the issue was settled.