Byron E. Riginos

Byron is my younger brother who also has a love of the sea since his early years.

The boat he owns today is a 9- meter inflatable ΗΒΗ III (Ivi III). She is based at the island of Kea where Byron and his wife, Ivi, have a lovely house in the location Katevati, overlooking the cove of Koundouros. From Koundouros they launch their expeditions.

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Byron is also involved with the Marine Atheletic Club of Kea where he is a Member of the Board and in charge of athletics.

At the small island off Voula.
Byron, our beloved nanny Bebe, and Nikos.


Byron’s inflatable HBH III.

 In addition he participates in Kea Dive Expeditions (K.D.E.) under the auspices of the Municipality of Kea, the Laboratory of Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography in the Geology Department of the University of Patras, and the Association of Amateur Divers ΤΗΘΥΣ.

Press here for the diving expedition of 2008.
For the diving expedition of 2009 and the initial exploration of the newly discovered wreck S/S Burdigala, see the new website.

Byron has also started KeaWest, an Internet forum about Kea.